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InMode BodyFX

Innovative, long-lasting, non-surgical treatment for the reduction of the jarring cellulite and the enhancement of our body contour.

How Does InMode BodyFX Work?

Every woman and man desires a beautifully sculpted and shaped body, regardless of age. Although healthy eating and regular exercise are an integral part of our busy everyday life for many of us, local fat and persistent cellulite alter our image and make us feel uncomfortable with our body. Sweat no more. BodyFx by InMode will help you regain your lost confidence, without surgeries and downtime.

BodyFX is an innovative, long-lasting, non-surgical treatment for the reduction of the jarring cellulite and the enhancement of our body contour. BodyFX reshapes our silhouette, likewise liposuction, but in a non-invasive manner. It is the ideal solution for the elimination of our mummy tummy, love handles, muffin top and any other body part with stubborn local fat. The device combines three different clinically effective modalities:

Electroporation High Voltage “HV” Pulse that destroys permanently the fat cells.
Radio-Frequency (RF) energy that generates optimal heating, resulting in skin tightening and body contouring.
Negative pressure that allows maximal depth treatment.
How it works
The RF energy in a series of pulses at 1 million cycles per second delivers heat to the skin and the subcutaneous fat, leading to the heating and contraction of the tissues. RF energy tightens the skin while the high voltage pulses permanently damage the membrane of the fat cells, resulting in an increased flow of ions and organic molecules. These changes in the composition inside the cell cause changes in the intracellular pH and, inevitably, the cell death. Thus, the interaction between the negative pressure and controlled energy leads to the drastic reduction in the fat of the target area and a perfectly sculptured body.

Inmode Bodyfx Content

Improves These

Loose skin
Unwanted fat


Love Handles

About the Procedure

BodyFX is a painless, non-invasive, comfortable process that is performed in an outpatient setting by experienced medical aestheticians and practitioners without any anaesthesia required. During the session, we experience a gentle warm and pulling sensation on our skin as the RF and vacuum work to shape our body.

Procedure Details:


20 – 30 Minutes


Every week for minimum of 5 – 8 sessions



Inmode Bodyfx Before 1 Inmode Bodyfx After 1



Inmode Bodyfx Before 2 Inmode Bodyfx After 2




Have more questions?

Read more about InMode BodyFX here!


Who is a suitable candidate for InMode BodyFX?

InMode BodyFX is suitable for individuals looking to reduce unwanted fat, improve skin texture, and target cellulite without undergoing surgery. A consultation with a qualified provider will determine if InMode BodyFX is appropriate for specific aesthetic goals.

Is InMode BodyFX treatment painful?

InMode BodyFX treatment is generally well-tolerated. The procedure involves a warming sensation and vacuum massage, which most patients find comfortable.

Is there any downtime after InMode BodyFX treatment?

There is typically no downtime after InMode BodyFX treatment. Patients can resume their regular activities immediately after the procedure.

Is InMode BodyFX safe?

As BodyFX is able to target only the fat of the treated area, and not our skin and underlying tissues, it is considered a totally safe procedure without causing any damage to the adjacent structures. For maximum comfort, the skin’s temperature is monitored throughout the process with accurate feedback, providing ultimate temperature control.

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