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Eyebags Dark Circles

Eye bags, Dark Circles

Eye bags or “dark circles” under the eyes are common in people of all ages. Factors such as dehydration, lack of sleep, a poor diet, stress, and allergies play a role.

Eye bags, Dark Circles

Eye bags or “dark circles” under the eyes are common in people of all ages. Factors such as dehydration, lack of sleep, a poor diet, stress, and allergies play a role. Younger people often display temporary eye bags, which fade away in less than 24 hours. Over time, the eye bags refuse to fade and become permanent, regardless of one’s physical state. In such cases, a professional treatment is required to alleviate the unpleasant eye bags.

Signature Cosmetic Clinic guarantees clients an efficient solution whether it involves the use of creams, radio frequency technology and/or in-depth laser procedures. All treatments are certified and proven to provide long-term results.

Since the skin near the eyes is delicate and sensitive, it’s best to receive treatment from a certified professional to maintain integrity. If not, the results can be botched and might lead to deeper eye bags. Please take the time to understand the value of a reputable clinic such as this one.

Potential Side Effects of Eye Bag Reduction

Are there side effects associated with these procedures?

No, these procedures do not pose a long-term threat to one’s skin or health. In fact, these are some of the safest treatment options in all of Canada. Signature Cosmetic Clinic takes time to analyze its options before presenting them to a patient.

Among temporary side effects, a patient may see signs of light redness around the skin and potential swelling. Both side effects are minimal and will not pose a long-term issue.

For pain/discomfort during the procedure, patients receive topical anesthetics. These are industry-grade and will provide ample value in reducing any sign of discomfort.

To remove your eye bags once and for all, take the time to schedule a detailed consultation at the clinic. The consultation will offer a range of information on various procedures.

Possible Treatments

The Next Step

Treatment For Eye Bags

Depending on the patient’s age, skin type, and eye bags, a comprehensive procedure will be planned. This may include radio frequency treatment, serums, or a vigorous laser treatment.

In younger patients (20s and 30s) preventative measures might be recommended to alleviate the presence of eye bags now and in the future. Older patients can use the same treatments to remove their permanent eye bags as well. All treatments at the clinic are non-invasive and painless. If necessary, the specialist may offer soft tissue fillers to increase collagen near the eyes and boost growth. This can stimulate the reduction of puffiness. The sessions take no more than 45 minutes and will provide results for 6–9 months. All options are presented to patients during their initial consultation before a plan of action is determined. This helps alleviate any lingering concerns about the treatment and its impact. Trust the solution to be safe, efficient, and quick all rolled into one prominent package.

Signature Cosmetic Clinic is ahead of its peers in providing an assortment of treatment options to combat puffy eye bags near the eyes. These procedures will eliminate the appearance of eye bags immediately, without causing damage to surrounding skin.


For eye bag reduction procedures, the recovery period may vary depending on the chosen treatment. For example, soft dermal fillers will necessitate minimal recovery time, while laser therapy could need a few hours to settle (mild redness/swelling). In general, all treatments are safe and will not require elongated recovery plans.

The specialist will recommend a customized home care plan to help prolong results and ensure the eye bags diminish in size. This can help prevent future developments and keep one’s skin look refreshed year-round. Patients can take advantage of this information and use it to their benefit in the long run.

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