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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin encompasses a range of symptoms including dry skin, pustules, skin erosion, skin bumps, and skin flushing.

Sensitive Skin

The nerve endings become defenseless and hypersensitive which can instigate stinging, redness, burning, or tightness. No two cases are alike with sensitive skin barring the underlying symptom of hypersensitivity. Patients are asked to describe their skin’s sensation before a determination is made about potential treatment options.

6 Causes of Sensitive Skin

No two cases are alike with sensitive skin barring the underlying symptom of hypersensitivity. Patients are asked to describe their skin’s sensation before a determination is made about potential treatment options.

What can cause sensitive skin?

Causes include:

  • Trauma to the Skin
  • Skin Disorders (Eczema, Dermatitis, Rosacea)
  • Exceedingly Dry Skin (Unprotected Nerve Endings)
  • Constant Exposure To Sun or Rapid Temperature Fluctuations
  • Genetic Predisposition

Each case is discussed during a consultation to ensure a patient has a good understanding of his/her condition.

If patients believe they have sensitive skin, it’s best to seek medical assistance and/or visit Signature Cosmetic Clinic for an exhaustive consultation. This will help diagnose the specific cause and how to best treat the sensitive skin moving forward. All relevant information is provided after the initial variables are discussed between specialist and patient.

Ideal Candidate For Sensitive Skin Treatment

Signature Cosmetic Clinic offers a comprehensive consultation to its patients before initiating a treatment plan. This consultation will include an assessment of the sensitive skin, underlying medical factors, and the patient’s expectations from their procedure.

Who is the ideal candidate to treat sensitive skin?

A patient with sensitive skin seeking a high-grade certified treatment with the assistance of licensed specialists. All procedures are completed using high-frequency radio waves to catalyze collagen and elastin production in the bottom layer of skin. This helps alleviate the core symptoms and eradicate sensitive skin from a patient’s life.

Before starting, the specialist will analyze the patient’s medical history to determine if a procedure at Signature Cosmetic Clinic is appropriate. If not, patients may require additional treatment using other methods. All information is provided during the initial consultation.

The Next Step

Treatment for Sensitive Skin

For patients with noticeable sensitive skin, it’s appropriate to start immediately. Once the consultation has concluded, a date is scheduled to begin your first session at Signature Cosmetic Clinic. This session will include an introduction to the procedure and the results it will offer upon completion.

The premise of the treatment is to target one’s collagen building resources to rejuvenate your skin. If done professionally, the skin will start to refresh itself and grow naturally. This eliminates the exposed nerve endings and other related symptoms one might be dealing with as a patient.

The treatment is going to start with the use of a topical or local anesthetic. This anesthetic is applied to the target area(s) depending on what’s agreed upon between patient and clinic. Once the region is numb, a handheld device is operated to send a cooling sensation to the surface of one’s skin. While this takes place, the bottom layer of skin is heated to a comfortable temperature of 45 degrees. This promotes collagen building now and in the future. Each session will require at least 45 minutes to complete.


After the procedure is completed and the specialist is satisfied, patients may leave with a mild painkiller in their possession. The painkiller may not be necessary, but is offered as a precaution to alleviate any pain and/or discomfort.

The skin will repair itself as its inflammatory response kicks in. The procedure activates the collagen building resources in your body to eliminate sensitive skin. The results will continue to appear as the body produces more and more collagen.

To get rid of sensitive skin, please call in and start with a detailed consultation at Signature Cosmetic Clinic. The specialist will offer an all-inclusive examination of the skin before establishing a wholesome treatment plan.

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