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Chubby Cheeks

As the skin ages, the chubbiness turns into sagging tissue near one’s cheeks, jaw, and chin. In some cases, the patient may report a noticeable dullness to his/her face.

Chubby Cheeks

Excess fat on one’s cheek can give the appearance of “chubbiness.” The condition is termed as “chubby cheeks” where the face is rounded and has a particular fullness to it. This condition may lead patients to feel insecure, old, or unhappy with their appearance. The appearance of fullness is unappealing and unwanted.

It can cause distress and might reduce one’s structured aesthetics. Based on the patient’s condition, it’s important to analyze the cause(s) and what can be done to alleviate the plump appearance. To do so, the specialist will scrutinize the skin and determine if the cause can be treated. This clinic assesses all potential causes before determining which treatment is appropriate.

Possible Treatments

Lipotropic IV Drip
And More

The Next Step

To receive a thorough consultation, we can schedule an appointment for you with our medical expert. This will assist in examining the skin under a lens to determine what concerns that we should assist you in targeting with our technology and products. Our clinic prides itself in upholding high standards with all cosmetic procedures and values the patient’s input during all stages including consultations.

The consultation includes an examination, treatment plan (multiple options), and a detailed quote based on the patient’s budget. All suggested treatments are industry-grade, approved by Health Canada, and offer resourceful results. The specialist will highlight relevant information in sync with a patient’s underlying condition.

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