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Active Acne Skin

Ongoing breakouts and visible blemishes caused by clogged pores, bacteria, dead skin cells or genetics.

Active Acne Skin

Acne is a medical term used to define the clogging up of one’s pores (tiny holes in the skin). These pores are required to excrete sweat and aid hair follicles in growing out. It’s a natural cleansing system as oil gets expelled from the body.

However, excess sebum (oily substance) can become a problem. It overwhelms the tiny pores and leaves them clogged. This is when a person will develop pimples. Therefore, people of all ages can see acne development. In general, 80% of cases are seen in patients between the ages 11-30. The remaining percentage is divided among older patients with adult acne.

The Next Step

To receive a thorough consultation, we can schedule an appointment for you with our medical expert. This will assist in examining the skin under a lens to determine what concerns that we should assist you in targeting with our technology and products. Our clinic prides itself in upholding high standards with all cosmetic procedures and values the patient’s input during all stages including consultations.

The consultation includes an examination, treatment plan (multiple options), and a detailed quote based on the patient’s budget. All suggested treatments are industry-grade, approved by Health Canada, and offer resourceful results. The specialist will highlight relevant information in sync with a patient’s underlying condition.

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We offer every client a personalized treatment plan to target your concerns while helping patients regain his or her youthful look naturally. We are committed to continuously improve our services and experience to meet your needs.

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