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Nordlys Ellipse® IPL

Nordlys Ellipse® IPL narrowband technology can deliver a sub-millisecond pulse to treat small and large area for exceptional skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments for various skin concerns.

How Does Nordlys Ellipse Work?

The Nordlys IPL is one of the latest non-invasive, non-ablative foundational technology with a combination of fractional and infrared laser developed by Syneron Candela. The Nordlys narrowband technology can deliver a sub-millisecond pulse to treat small and large area for exceptional skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments for various skin concerns. The Nordlys system is FDA cleared with nearly twenty years of research and experience. The innovative waveband technology is able to eliminate any potentially harmful wavelengths and only allowing those beneficial ones to come into contact with the skin, upgrading the comfort and safety level among all IPL technology.

Nordlys Ellipse IPL emits a broad spectrum of light that targets specific chromophores in the skin, such as melanin in hair follicles or pigmented lesions, and hemoglobin in blood vessels. The light energy heats and destroys these target structures, leading to their gradual elimination.

Nordlys Content

Improves These

Remove Vascular Veins
More Even Complexion
Treat Rosacea
Reduce Age Spots
Reduce Brown Spots
Get Rid of Acne & Acne Scarring
Help Heal Sun-damaged Skin


No downtime
No surgery
Natural results

About the Procedure

When you arrive at our clinic, our professional consultant will examinate the skin and prepare a specific treatment plan suited for your skin concerns and our health practitioner will customize the wavelengths using the Nordlys IPL laser depending on your concerns, such as size, treatment area, and your skin time. The appropriate applicator will be selected and there will be no numbing cream required as it is a comfortable experience. Our health practitioner will coat a thin layer of gel to maximize the results of the IPL treatment, and you may experience a warm sensation throughout the treatment.

After the treatment is complete, patients can expect brighter, healthier looking skin in 3–5 days. Patients may experience some redness on the skin that will fade in several hours. With repeated sessions, patients can expect more even skin ton, reduced blemishes, and smoother texture. The treatment will also help patients in maintaining a more youthful skin.

Procedure Details:


45 Minutes


Every 4 – 5 weeks for minimum of 3 sessions



Nordlys Ellipse Before 2 Nordlys Ellipse After 2



Nordlys Ellipse Before 1 Nordlys Ellipse After 1



Nordlys Ellipse Before 3 Nordlys Ellipse After 3




Have more questions?

Read more about Nordlys Ellipse® IPL here!


What conditions can be treated with Nordlys Ellipse IPL?

Nordlys Ellipse IPL is effective in treating unwanted hair, sunspots, freckles, vascular lesions (e.g., spider veins), rosacea, and overall skin rejuvenation.

Is Nordlys Ellipse IPL suitable for all skin types?

Nordlys Ellipse IPL can be used on various skin types and tones. However, certain skin conditions and medical factors may affect treatment eligibility. A consultation with a qualified provider is recommended.

Is Nordlys Ellipse IPL treatment painful?

Nordlys Ellipse IPL treatment may cause mild discomfort, often described as a warm sensation or a rubber band snap against the skin. Most patients find the procedure tolerable, but topical anesthesia can be applied to enhance comfort.

Is there any downtime after Nordlys Ellipse IPL treatment?

The downtime after Nordlys Ellipse IPL treatment is typically minimal. Patients may experience temporary redness or mild swelling in the treated area, but it usually resolves within a few hours to days.

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