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jawline contour

Jawline Contour

Jawline contouring offers men and women a customizable solution to fight uneven, unaesthetic, or unappealing jawline shapes.

Jawline Contour

The masseter muscle is responsible for all jaw-related movement (i.e., clenching, chewing) and is situated near the rear of a jaw. Based on the muscular development in this muscle, the jawline acquires a specific shape (square, round). While some jawlines may appear attractive, this can be gender-specific, such as square jawlines in men vs. women. If women wish to reduce the “squared” appearance of their jawline, this procedure can provide an all-in-one answer.

It can alter the facial structure and provide a feminine contour that’s appealing or desired. To do this, a patient will have multiple options including a non-surgical, pain-free procedure such as the one Signature Cosmetic Clinic offers.

The Next Step

Treatment For Jawline: Contouring, Masseters

All treatments begin with a detailed consultation at the Signature Cosmetic Clinic with a top-grade specialist. The patient will have his/her facial structure assessed before a decision is made on how it will be reshaped. All specialists at this clinic are trained to offer a comprehensive and creative solution based on the patient’s vision for his/her jawline.

The procedure will include the use of a muscle relaxant. This will be injected into the target area(s) to reshape the jawline as desired. A thin needle is used to target the masseter muscle and relax its tightened state. By doing this, a patient will notice an immediate change to the structured shape of his/her jawline. The number of injections pushed into the masseter muscle depends on a patient’s skin, jawline, and goals. The specialist will discuss these details during the initial consultation to determine what’s appropriate for the upcoming procedure. If necessary, the patient can have additional treatments completed.

In most cases, a jawline contouring procedure will require 2–6 weeks before noticeable results are visible. The reshaping of one’s jawline takes time, and it’s best to speak with the specialist to determine what the final timeline is. These results will last for at least 6–8 months depending on the patient’s age, skin type, and medical history. For those seeking long-term results, the same treatment can be applied on a scheduled basis to maintain consistency and structural integrity.


Once the injections are completed, the patient will have their skin examined for redness, swelling, or potential tenderness. This depends on the patient’s skin type, age, and how many injection sites are present along the jawline.

Signature Cosmetic Clinic uses the world’s finest techniques and technology to guarantee a seamless, pain-free procedure. This treatment is quick, efficient, and will reshape the jawline as anticipated. The recovery stage isn’t extensive, and patients will notice an instantaneous change in their jawline. Over time, this will become prominent, and the older jawline will disappear into the past. If desired, clients are welcome to ask for an all-encompassing recovery regimen to speed up or prolong their results.  This clinic offers wide-ranging treatments with in-depth recovery regimens to suit a patient’s needs.

Signature Cosmetic Clinic welcomes patients to institute a scheduled set of treatments to maximize results and provide continuous change to their jawline. In general, the initial treatment will offer incredible results. To have your jawline contoured, please begin with a simple consultation at the clinic as soon as possible. A specialist will be more than happy to assist with the initial examination to spot jawline inconsistencies. Once these are determined, the consultation will offer access to an appropriate procedure.

A contoured jawline can have a noticeable impact on one’s appearance and add a spark of youthfulness that’s hard to come by. This clinic is proud to help thousands of patients with their needs on a day-to-day basis.

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