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double chin

Double Chin

This is a common complaint among individuals with additional fat under their chin. It not only impacts a person’s profile, it has an alarming effect on their neckline too.

Double Chin

The double chin is a collection of fat located under the chin. Due to its position, the fat appears to act as a second chin leading to an unaesthetic appearance. This is a common complaint among individuals with additional fat under their chin. It not only impacts a person’s profile, it has an alarming effect on their neckline too.

4 Causes of The Double Chin

The double chin is primarily cited as a progressive development, meaning it doesn’t appear overnight. In general, a person will notice the development of additional fat under their chin over a larger timespan (months or years). Based on this, an aesthetic change or treatment is sought by the patient.

Causes include:

  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Excessive Weight Gain
  • Loss of Soft Tissue Elasticity
  • Facial Aging

Before seeking treatment, patients are asked to set up a consultation to determine what the cause of their double chin is. Until this is figured out, the appropriate procedure cannot be established. Signature Cosmetic Clinic provides an all-in-one consultation at the facility to patients seeking immediate treatment. Based on the information offered in the consultation, a patient can have their treatment booked to eliminate fat under their chin.

Ideal Candidate For Double Chin

To receive treatment, a patient must showcase a clear “double chin” without an established medical history. Patients with underlying medical conditions are asked to seek medical assistance before signing up for a procedure.

To determine the viability of a patient’s case, the clinic will carry out a thorough examination of the chin area. If accepted, the patient will have a date set for his/her procedure.

Please note, the clinic offers a pain-free experience and all of its resources are approved by Health Canada.

The Next Step

Treatment For Double Chin

Signature Cosmetic Clinic is home to a number of non-invasive, pain-free treatments to reduce or remove your double chin.  Patients will have a final determination made after their consultation. The first examination of your double chin analyzes its elasticity, texture, and how much fat is stored in that region. Upon finalizing this assessment, the specialist will institute the applicable treatment to eliminate all excess fat.

This treatment will include the use of a topical anesthetic. On the day of the treatment, a specialist will go over all necessary details with the patient. Each session is customized based on the patient’s skin, amount of fat, and desired aesthetic requirement. This information is discussed during the consultation before being finalized. Once the fat is targeted using industry-grade technology, the specialist will examine the chin to see if it requires additional changes. If not, the patient’s double chin problem will go away as desired. Signature Cosmetic Clinic prides itself on offering world-class results to all patients with noticeable double chins.


For patients pursuing this procedure, the recovery phase is essential. The clinic will have a specialist set up a robust regimen post-procedure based on the patient’s skin condition, response to the treatment, and general tolerance of pain/discomfort.

All treatments completed at this clinic are carried out with care and attention to detail. In rare cases, a patient may mention the development of negligible redness, bruising, or swelling post-procedure. If required, the specialist will establish an instant regimen to alleviate those side effects. These concerns will dissipate after a day or two. For more information on a personalized recovery regimen, patients are asked to speak to their leading specialist. This professional will have an in-depth understanding of your case and what’s best suited for your needs.

To get started with the removal of your “double chin,” patients are recommended to call in and schedule an appointment at the clinic. This appointment will be an in-depth consultation to analyze the double chin before treatment is offered.

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