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lips augmentation

Lips Augmentation

Asymmetrical lips involve the underdevelopment of one or both lips. The resulting appearance can be uneven, disproportionate, and unappealing.

Lips Augmentation

Asymmetrical lips involve the underdevelopment of one or both lips. The resulting appearance can be uneven, disproportionate, and unappealing. To maintain symmetry, a comprehensive procedure is required to maximize proportions and aesthetic beauty. If left untouched, the asymmetrical lips will age and continue to lack volume.

Causes of Asymmetrical Lips

The presence of small or asymmetrical lips is noticeable and may be emphasized when a patient smiles, speaks, or laughs. To better understand why this unevenness occurs, a specialist will survey the patient’s lips (upper and lower) before offering a conclusive answer.

Causes include:

  • Genetic Predisposition (Natural Underdevelopment of Upper or Lower Lip)
  • Trauma To Lip(s)
  • Metabolic Condition

A knowledgeable specialist can offer an array of treatment options to enhance or augment a patient’s lips. The right procedure is determined after an initial consultation is completed. This consultation pinpoints, which lip requires treatment, the extent of your asymmetry, and how to enhance the lips methodically using safe technology.

Ideal Candidate For Asymmetrical Lips

To augment a patient’s lips, the specialist will ask for a detailed consultation beforehand. This is scheduled to identify whether a candidate is viable for treatment or not. The ideal candidate is a prospective patient with evident asymmetrical lips (upper or lower) requiring assistance to restore natural balance. Patients with an underlying metabolic condition should mention this during the consultation. Based on the patient’s medical history, age, and lips, a comprehensive and tailored treatment will be offered.

Please note, candidates seeking a surgical procedure aren’t ideal candidates, as this is a non-surgical treatment for asymmetrical lips. All procedures are conducted under controlled conditions with a qualified specialist present.  This procedure requires a deft touch, creativity, and years of experience, which is offered by Signature Cosmetic Clinic and its specialists.

Possible Treatments

The Next Step

Treatment For Asymmetrical Lips

During the consultation, a specialist will map out the asymmetrical lips to gain a clearer understanding of the unevenness, lack of volume, and overall imbalance. This phase determines how the procedure is conducted for superior results.

What will the procedure include?

Signature Cosmetic Clinic offers access to high-grade soft tissue dermal fillers to add volume to one’s small/asymmetrical lips. These soft tissue dermal fillers provide an aesthetically appropriate finish without requiring surgery.

Before the treatment starts, the specialist will soothe the injection site using a topical anesthetic. While the needle is thin, all precautions are taken to offer a safe and relaxing experience. As the site numbs, the injectionist will precisely inject into pre-determined locations near or in the lips. This will create an anatomically sound and aesthetically beautiful finish based on the client’s expectations.


In general, a patient will notice the topical anesthetic freeze the injection site(s). This helps alleviate any sign of pain/discomfort a patient may have during or after the procedure.

This procedure is expected to offer a seamless solution that’s devoid of excessive redness, swelling, bruising, or pain. In rare cases, a patient may not slight swelling or bruising, which will go away within 30–45 minutes depending on the number of injection sites. The specialist takes time to inject with precision, ensuring a patient can go back to his/her work post-procedure. The average patient will require no more than a day before heading back to work or their everyday routine.

Please note, these are not permanent lip fillers. They will last patients at least 6–8 months before new injections are required. It’s best to schedule a semi-annual appointment with the clinic to maintain symmetrical lips year-round. A specialist will help establish this schedule based on the patient’s lips, biological reaction, and medical history.

To gain symmetrical lips, please call in and book your consultation at Signature Cosmetic Clinic.

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