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Lips Augmentation

Asymmetrical lips involve the underdevelopment of one or both lips. The resulting appearance can be uneven, disproportionate, and unappealing.

Lips Augmentation

To maintain symmetry, a comprehensive procedure is required to maximize proportions and aesthetic beauty. If left untouched, the asymmetrical lips will age and continue to lack volume. The presence of small or asymmetrical lips is noticeable and may be emphasized when a patient smiles, speaks, or laughs. To better understand why this unevenness occurs, a specialist will survey the patient’s lips (upper and lower) before offering a conclusive answer.

A knowledgeable specialist can offer an array of treatment options to enhance or augment a patient’s lips. The right procedure is determined after an initial consultation is completed. This consultation pinpoints, which lip requires treatment, the extent of your asymmetry, and how to enhance the lips methodically using safe technology.

Possible Treatments

Dermal Filler

The Next Step

To receive a thorough consultation, we can schedule an appointment for you with our medical expert. This will assist in examining the skin under a lens to determine what concerns that we should assist you in targeting with our technology and products. Our clinic prides itself in upholding high standards with all cosmetic procedures and values the patient’s input during all stages including consultations.

The consultation includes an examination, treatment plan (multiple options), and a detailed quote based on the patient’s budget. All suggested treatments are industry-grade, approved by Health Canada, and offer resourceful results. The specialist will highlight relevant information in sync with a patient’s underlying condition.

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