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Hair Loss

Hair loss or “alopecia” is mild or severe loss of hair from a part of the body. The most common area for hair loss is our scalp.

Hair Loss

Hair loss or “alopecia” is mild or severe loss of hair from a part of the body. The most common area for hair loss is a person’s head. This condition can be reserved to a small part of the body or a sizable area, depending on the patient’s condition. In general, the patient will not display signs of scarring, inflammation, or related symptoms. Hair loss is gender-neutral, but typically is noticed in men. This condition may cause a person to notice a drop in self-confidence due to the loss of aesthetic appeal.

To help patients with their alopecia, this clinic provides access to a wide range of technology, treatments, and specialists for meaningful results. This clinic is heralded for its comprehensive procedures and tailors all treatments based on the patient’s condition.

8 Causes of Hair Loss

Losing hair is stressful and requires immediate assessment. Upon scheduling a consultation, patients will receive a no-obligation assessment of their hair, skin condition, and medical history. The meeting is used to emphasizing specific causes leading to mild or severe hair loss. Based on this information, the specialist will order the use of targeted techniques to minimize future hair loss.

Causes include:

  • Genetic Predisposition (Male-Pattern Hair Loss)
  • Fungal Infections
  • Aging
  • Microscopic Mites
  • Folliculitis
  • Traction Alopecia (Trauma)
  • Trichotillomania
  • Hormonal Changes (Pregnancy, Menopause)

These causes will vary depending on the patient’s type of hair loss, skin condition, medical history, and hair type. For more information on your case, please consult with one of the leading specialists at this clinic. The consultation will offer a robust assessment of the hair loss, future hair loss, and which treatment is best suited for appropriate results.

Possible Treatments

The Next Step

Treatment For Hairloss

Before starting, the specialist will survey a patient’s hair to determine what’s causing it to shed. This will help put together a personalized, all-inclusive procedure for suitable change. The treatment will account for the patient’s symptoms, requirements, and safety.

Signature Cosmetic Clinic uses injectable treatments with rich growth factors to provide patients with a non-surgical treatment to address hair loss. This treatment is viable for a range of hair loss causes and will offer a pain-free solution for long-term results. It is suitable for both men and women and is approved by Health Canada.

The treatment will include the use of a thin needle. This needle is used by a trained injectionist and targets specific regions on the body. Before the needle is used, the injectionist will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area. Once injected, the solution will enter the blood cells and begin to stimulate hair growth. This procedure leads to healthier, fuller hair. This treatment is completed over the course of 3–4 sessions (45–60 minutes each) based on the patient’s hair loss, hair type, age, and skin type. This information will be included in the no-obligation consultation. In general, these sessions are 3–4 months apart.


Patients will not face an extensive recovery period post-procedure and can head back to work, school, or their daily routine without hesitation. The specialist will analyze a patient’s hair and skin before determining what the best course of action is post-procedure. This may include the use of a gentle painkiller to alleviate lingering side effects (redness, swelling). While these side effects are rare, they will require 30–45 minutes to dissipate. To maintain these results, patients are welcome to seek additional sessions at the clinic. These sessions will offer supplementary benefits to bolster a patient’s hair development and hair growth.

To begin your journey towards healthier hair, please call in and book a consultation with one of the clinic’s finest specialists. This appointment will include an in-depth examination of your hair before a customized treatment plan is designed.

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