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Volume Loss

Facial volume loss brings with it a noticeable droop or sunken appearance. The problem areas can include your cheeks, chin, eyebrows, and more.

Volume Loss

Facial volume loss brings with it a noticeable droop or sunken appearance. The problem areas can include your cheeks, chin, eyebrows, and more. Each patient will display a unique set of facial changes, and in many cases they are progressive. As a person ages, the skin continues to lose volume and its treatment becomes of utmost importance.

To help patients regain a youthful, aesthetically pleasing appearance that exudes confidence, Signature Cosmetic Clinic provides access to top of the line technology. With the help of soft tissue dermal fillers and/or high frequency radio waves, a patient can regain his/her facial structure.

5 Causes of Facial Volume Loss

To provide treatment that’s comprehensive, efficient, and adds volume to the face, Signature Cosmetic Clinic provides a no-obligation consultation. The consultation is designed to not only assess the current volume loss, but to pinpoint the exact cause. This can help design a robust, full-hearted treatment that’s approved by Health Canada and offers comprehensive change.

Causes include:

  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Excess Weight Loss
  • Loss of Collagen
  • Metabolic Condition(s)
  • Exposure to UV Rays

Patients are asked to speak with a medical professional if the facial volume loss is aggressive, progressive, and causing pain/discomfort. This can be a sign of an underlying condition and an immediate diagnosis is necessary. For all other cases, patients are welcome to set up an appointment at the clinic for a final determination on their facial volume loss.

The Next Step

Treatment For Facial Volume Loss

The specialist will examine all aspects of the face including a patient’s skin type, skin condition, tone, and potential causes. After this is completed, the consultation will include an assessment of the patient’s goals, medical history, and all related information. This consultation is offered to help personalize the procedure.

If the treatment is approved, a scheduled session is set up at Signature Cosmetic Clinic. This session is going to commence with a specialist. This specialist will examine the skin one last time to pinpoint current and potential facial volume loss. The patient’s vision for this procedure will be discussed before the target regions are mapped out. With a high-frequency radio wave procedure, the patient will have their face numbed using a topical anesthetic. While the procedure is relatively pain-free and non-surgical, this topical anesthetic is for peace of mind.  During the procedure, thermal energy via radio waves (45 Celsius) is directed at the dermal layer. Since facial volume loss is triggered by loss of collagen, the high-frequency radio waves combat this occurrence. As a result, the procedure reinvigorates your body’s collagen production.

If deemed suitable, the patient may receive an alternative treatment using soft tissue dermal fillers in specific areas around the face. This can give the face a fuller, younger appearance from all angles. Before this procedure, the injectionist analyzes the skin and soothes it using a topical anesthetic. Once this is done, the skin is filled with safe dermal fillers.

Please note, both procedures are effective but provide results for a set period (6-8 months). If necessary, patients are requested to maintain results using top-up procedures twice a year.


With facial volume loss and its procedure, the patient will notice a minimized recovery phase. This procedure is designed to offer a non-surgical, safe option that is not time-consuming.

Patients may speak with a specialist to set up a post-procedure recovery plan to extend their results. In some cases, a patient can prolong their results up to 12 months. If interested, patients can discuss this before or after the procedure to treat facial volume loss. To treat facial volume loss using state-of-the-art technology, call in and schedule your appointment. This is an ideal solution for patients desiring a non-surgical procedure.

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