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Sun Damage

This clinic provides a resolute treatment plan to tackle sun damaged skin and refresh it back to good health.

Sun Damage

Sun damaged skin reveals itself through flat, grayish brown age spots. These can appear on a patient’s back, arms, shoulders, face, and hands since they’re often exposed to the sun.

Signature Cosmetic Clinic provides a resolute treatment plan to tackle sun damaged skin and refresh it back to good health.  If not, the skin will continue to break down and give rise to deep wrinkles, thinning skin, and a noticeable development of darkening pigmentation.  Due to this reason, patients are asked to take immediate action.

3 Types of Sun Damage

A generic treatment is unhelpful and ineffective. Signature Cosmetic Clinic prides itself on using cutting-edge technology to heal sun damaged skin.

Beforehand, the consultation will determine what type o f sun damage has occurred.

Types of sun damage include:

  • Mild Sun Damage: Initial sign of age spots and gentle darkening of skin surface. Wrinkles are mild but visible, and the skin typically has started to thin.
  • Moderate Sun Damage: Noticeable development of age spots and harsher darkening of skin surface. Wrinkles are moderate, and the skin continues to thin.
  • Severe Sun Damage: Noticeable development of age spots and stark darkening of skin surface. Wrinkles are deep, and the skin has completely thinned out.

Each type of sun damaged skin requires a personalized treatment plan, whether it involves the use of radio waves or other options. These are discussed during the consultation to help customize the clinic’s approach.

Ideal Candidate for Sun Damage Treatment

The ideal candidate is a person in their 30s or older with unmistakable signs of sun damaged skin. A specialist will diagnose the skin through a series of tests to ensure the spots are sun-related.

Patients with metabolic conditions, skin cancer, or any related medical conditions are asked to mention this during the consultation. It’s appropriate to manage expectations and avoid the use of radio frequency treatment in such cases.

If intrigued, take the time to call in and speak with the clinic’s service representative to begin your journey towards refreshed, healthier skin. The consultation will be in-depth and provide a wonderful solution to combat sun damaged skin as soon as possible.

Age spots, skin lesions, and various signs of sun damaged skin shouldn’t hold you back. All it takes is one call to set things into motion at Signature Cosmetic Clinic.

The Next Step

Treatment for Sun Damage

All sun damaged skin treatments are completed after a robust, all-inclusive consultation with the Signature Cosmetic Clinic’s team of specialists. The skin is analyzed to determine the damage and how far it’s spread. Once completed, the procedure is booked.

The procedure uses the clinic’s prestigious methods including Skin Booster, IV Whitening, and Mesotherapy treatment. It will help address the skin’s laxity, pigmentation, and spots in an all-encompassing treatment. To provide a painless procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied to the target zone beforehand. The goal is to offer a soothing, pain-free experience. Patients can expect to feel gentle warmth on their skin but nothing more.

For additional concerns about the procedure, how it’s carried out, and post-procedure expectations, please ask the advising specialist. All consultations are in-depth and customized to manage a patient’s needs.


The sun damage treatment is completed in a set amount of sessions and patients receive a dedicated plan before leaving. The goal is to eradicate any lingering issues such as mild redness or swelling. While the technology is safe, the specialist will examine the patient’s skin for potential concerns.

The specialist will recommend regular maintenance to prevent sun damaged skin. If appropriate action is taken, the patient will reduce his/her chances of seeing age spots or skin lesions. This is why patients receive a detailed home care plan to help combat damage from the sun.

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