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Lumiphoto Facial

Lumiphoto Facial treatments incorporate the use of four preprogrammed colors of LED light. These colors are employed to improve uneven pigmentation, sunspots, minor acne, redness, and other related skin problems.

How Does Lumiphoto Facial Work?

Lumiphoto Facial treatments incorporate the use of four preprogrammed colors of LED light. These colors are employed to improve uneven pigmentation, sunspots, minor acne, redness, and other related skin problems. The LED light offers multiple wavelengths and frequencies to target damaged skin cells. Once treated, the skin cells are reinvigorated, leading to comprehensive cellular turnover and smoother skin.

4 LED Colors Enhance Skin

This technology is all-encompassing and its wavelengths of light provide a wide-reaching tool for specialists at the clinic.

Each color of LED light has distinctive benefits.

  • Green Light – Longer wavelength to normalize the regulation of skin cells while lessening uneven pigmentation and sunspots.
  • Red Light – Longest wavelength designed to repair multiple layers of skin, augment elastin production, and improve elasticity of skin.
  • Blue Light – Smallest wavelength used to lessen active acne by soothing oil glands and reaching into pores.
  • Yellow Light – Targets small blood vessels via epidermis layer to stimulate blood circulation

This LED light is wide-ranging, powerful, and precise.

Soothing Light for Best Results

Lumiphoto Facial is soothing and completed in a welcoming environment. Signature Cosmetic Clinic team uses the finest setting for its procedures to promote a vibrant experience. The procedure is non-invasive, pain-free, and only uses light from the visible spectrum. Lumiphoto Facial treatment doesn’t involve needles or thermal heat like other methods.

Patients require no more than 6–10 treatments to receive full-fledged results. The number of sessions will vary based on the patient’s specific case. This information is presented during the consultation, and patients are welcome to inquire about the number at any stage. In most cases, the technology of Lumiphoto Facial will promote results in one or two sessions. Research shows three factors influence the results, including age, skin condition(s), and lifestyle choices (diet/alcohol).

Improves These

Sunspots and sun damage
Freckles and age spots
Rosacea and facial redness
Acne scars and blemishes
Uneven skin tone and texture


No downtime
No surgery
No pain

About the Procedure

This non-invasive facial rejuvenation begins with a complete examination of the skin. Patients are asked to visit the clinic for their consultation prior to receiving treatment. This helps prepare the skin and analyze it before making necessary adjustments to customize the procedure.

Lumiphoto Facial treatment begins with a conducting gel (applied to neck and face). This gel soothes the skin before a micro-current electrode is connected to increase lymphatic flow, stimulate muscle tissue, and eliminate toxins. Signature Cosmetic Clinic specialist takes time to assess the skin and make adjustments before completing the procedure. It will require 30 minutes under the LED light to receive appropriate results.

Please note, Lumiphoto Facial treatment and its results will vary based on the patient’s genetics, skin condition, and potential contraindications. All relevant information is provided during the in-depth consultation to ensure patients are prepared for the treatment.

In most cases, the results are noticeable on the day of your treatment.

The LED light will bolster collagen and elastin production, resulting in youthful, aesthetically appealing skin. Patients are always welcome to remain in contact with their specialist and receive valuable information about the post-procedure recovery.

Post-Procedure Skin Magic

What should a patient be expecting post-procedure of Lumiphoto Facial?

The LED light is fascinating and provides noteworthy results. Depending on the patient’s case, the results are often “dramatic” and visible.  The wrinkles, fine line, and creases disappear, while the skin becomes lighter and tighter. It adds youth to one’s appearance and eliminates pesky irregularities one may develop with age.  The Lumiphoto Facial treatment can help redefine one’s appearance and contour the face suitably.

It’s important to note, the technology is approved by Health Canada and is tested for consistency. The specialists take great care to manage results and will spend time planning all procedures.

This Lumiphoto Facial treatment is a phone call away!  Start now and book your in-depth consultation to begin the journey towards lighter, brighter, and tighter skin.

Procedure Details:


30 Minutes


Every 3-4 weeks for 5 sessions



Lumi photo Facial Before 1 Lumi photo Facial Before 1



Lumi photo Facial After 1 Lumi photo Facial After 1




Have more questions?

Read more about Lumiphoto Facial here!

Is a LumiPhoto Facial painful?

A LumiPhoto Facial is generally well-tolerated, and most patients experience only mild discomfort during the procedure. Some individuals may feel a slight snapping or stinging sensation as the pulses of light are delivered, but it is usually brief and tolerable.

Is there any downtime after a LumiPhoto Facial?

There is typically little to no downtime after a LumiPhoto Facial. Some patients may experience mild redness or slight swelling immediately after the treatment, which usually subsides within a few hours to a day.

Who is a suitable candidate for a LumiPhoto Facial?

LumiPhoto Facial is generally safe for most skin types and colors. However, individuals with certain skin conditions or those taking photosensitizing medications may not be suitable candidates. A consultation with a qualified skincare professional can help determine eligibility for the procedure.

When will I see results from a LumiPhoto Facial?

Results from a LumiPhoto Facial are not immediate, as the skin requires time to heal and regenerate. Most patients start noticing improvements within a few weeks after the treatment series, with continued enhancements over the following months as collagen production increases.

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