Sculpsure® (Laser Fat Reduction)

SculpSure is a non-surgical and non-invasive technology used to reduce fat. This cutting-edge tool acts as a proficient, high-end liposuction device. The clinic offers access to this technology and offers personalized liposuction techniques to reduce fat.

Timeline of SculpSure Liposuction

An initial consultation is setup with a skilled specialist at the clinic. During this consultation, a vigorous assessment is made of the skin, fat, and body before coming up with a comprehensive plan.

Patients will learn about the SculpSure technology and how it assists with fat reduction.

This non-surgical liposuction device helps apply laser applicators to the target areas as discussed during the consultation. A specialist will setup a maximum of four laser applicators during the session around the stomach, thighs (inner and outer), arms, hips, and knees.

A 1060nm laser energy is directed at these laser applicators to help provoke fat reduction using thermal energy. This laser helps eradicate fat tissue at a set temperature of 45 degrees.  Once the tissue is targeted, the body’s immune system will help jettison it from the system forever.

Ongoing assessments are made during the SculpSure session to examine a reduction in diameter and overall size. This is a hands-free, non-invasive treatment and requires no more than 20 minutes per target zone. If necessary, all four target zones can be treated in an hour-long session.

Each patient will require at least 1-3 sessions (60 minutes per session) spread across eighteen weeks.

Pain-Free Session

Does it hurt to use the SculpSure technology?

The 1060nm laser energy directed at the laser applicators is thermal but does not cause pain. The pulse duration and temperature are monitored at all times to provide a soothing session from start to finish.

Are topical numbing agents used during the SculpSure session?

No, the clinic does not use any topical anesthetic for SculpSure treatments. The laser is safe and will work at a comfortable 45 degrees to target fat tissues.  SculpSure treatments don’t require the implementation of anesthesia and are certified to work in a seamless manner.

For all external concerns, a SculpSure technician is on-hand to provide guidance and assistance to patients.

Ideal Candidate for SculpSure

The right candidate is an individual wanting a non-invasive procedure that’s quick, painless, and effective at targeting fat tissue. It’s important to come in with realistic expectations since the target zones will see reductions of 3-5 centimeters depending on the patient’s case.

Any candidates with a built-in pacemaker, pregnancy, uncontrolled medical conditions, or unreasonable expectations are recommended to avoid SculpSure and seek other solutions for fat reduction.

For candidates with darker skin, SculpSure technology is cited as an effective option. It doesn’t minimize results based on skin pigmentation and is highly recommended for all individuals.

Please note the perfect candidate is recommended to maintain proper weight management techniques as described in the post-procedure guidelines to see permanent results. While the fat tissue will be removed permanently, any future weight gain can impact one’s appearance and should be managed.

Post-Procedure Recovery

While each session is spread six weeks apart, the post-procedure recovery is non-existent. A small percentage of patients exhibit signs of mild swelling, redness, or erythema but these dissipate in less than 24 hours.

Unlike other treatments, SculpSure technology doesn’t incite neurogenic pain and/or discomfort. It’s pain-free and simple to manage for all patients.

The skin’s quality will not disintegrate post-procedure and should return back to normal within a few hours. All of these details are discussed during the consultation and post-session.

For more information, please book a consultation and have all of your questions answered by a seasoned expert in fat reduction procedures such as SculpSure


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