Micro Needling for Skin

Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) or “microneedling” is a tried and tested treatment for revitalizing skin and boosting collagen production with dermal skin remodeling. The treatment helps alleviate deep wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars (pitting), and dilated pores.

This clinic offers a resounding procedure with certified methods, refined processes, and a commitment to detail. The specialists are trained to handle this procedure and have years of experience in treating an array of skin-related concerns.

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling or “skin needling” is a treatment used to catalyze collagen development. It requires the use of a licensed device named Endymed Intensif, which contains fine needles. These needles are designed to gently pierce the skin and produce a measured skin injury.  The goal is to puncture the target area and help promote elastin or collagen development. Over time, the skin begins to heal and noticeable improvements are seen in skin firmness, texture, and appearance.

Reasons To Use Microneedling

Why is this a wonderful procedure for patients wanting short and long-term changes to their skin’s appearance? It offers a comprehensive solution with the assistance of a licensed practitioner.

Additional reasons include:

  • Approved by Health Canada
  • No Post-Recovery Meds
  • Mild Discomfort (Rare)
  • Zero to Minimal Downtime
  • Up-to-Date Technology With Proven Results

 These reasons illustrate the power of microneedling when completed by a certified practitioner. It’s the ideal treatment for patients wanting beautiful, smooth skin.


Treatments require a detailed assessment by your specialist to determine the skin’s current condition, future progression, and how it will respond to microneedling. Once this assessment is complete and a plan is penned, the date is set for your first session.

On the day of the first session, a specialist will go over the skin again to ensure nothing was missed. The equipment will be set into place before the target area is prepared.

The specialist will continue to analyze the skin as it’s worked on.

This treatment encompasses 3 sessions (3-4 week intervals) and patients may seek additional touch-up sessions if necessary. In general, 3 sessions are more than enough and deliver powerful results. Each session will be around 40-45 minutes in length.


With microneedling, the results can be seen within the first week. Many patients point to results in their second or third recovery day. The body will begin to develop collagen and regenerate punctured tissue. This will lead to healthier, smoother skin.

How long with the results last?

The results will last for at least a year as the skin continues to improve post-procedure. As the skin continues to age, additional treatments will be required to keep up with the biological changes.

This will be discussed with the specialist during a patient’s consultation.


The skin will heal based on a patient’s case (age, skin type, size of target area) but most will notice changes within a day.

In rare cases, a patient will have had an extensive session and will therefore require a longer healing period before the skin is ready for use. The specialist will highlight this information beforehand.

Until the skin has healed, patients are asked to avoid wearing makeup or exposing their skin to long periods under the sun.  In general, patients can begin wearing makeup or sunscreen after 1-2 days.

For more information, it’s best to speak to the specialist as they’ve diagnosed your skin and have a better understanding of the treatment plan.

To those wishing to sign up for a microneedling procedure at this clinic, please start with a simple phone call and speak with a trustworthy representative as soon as possible. This is your opportunity to have healthier, tighter, brighter skin with the help of a trained professional and microneedling.


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