Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal employs laser technology to eliminate or reduce unwanted hair.  With the assistance of an assortment of trusted lasers, this clinic helps restrict hair growth.

A range of wavelengths is used to customize hair removal on a case-to-case basis.  The clinic’s years of experience and specialized attention ensure patients are guaranteed an all-in-one, high-quality experience.


A consultation is setup to understand a patient’s requirements and target area(s). Whether it’s the underarms, legs, bikini area, or all of the above, a specialist will analyze the region before establishing an all-encompassing plan.

The procedure will take place over the course of six treatments. Each session is spread 6-8 weeks apart to maximize efficiency.  Larger areas such as the legs and back require 5-6 treatments spread 8-12 weeks apart.

The sessions are 15-30 minutes in total depending on the patient’s skin, hair, and related details.

To ensure the results are as expected, the clinic and its specialists implement the use of high-powered wavelengths to reduce hair growth. These wavelengths are impactful, safe, and efficient.


After a session is complete, the specialist will offer post-procedure guidelines and analyze the skin. If there are signs of irritation, an aloe vera gel or related topical agent is prescribed.  In rare cases, the skin might present a persistent itch. If so, a patient is recommended to speak with the specialist for a personalized treatment for immediate results.

Patients are told to avoid the use of Nair and/or other hair removal creams to ensure future laser hair removal treatments are productive.

It’s important to apply sunscreen to the surface and keep an eye on the skin’s health. Please do not sunbathe or visiting tanning salons.

Depending on the case, patients are also expected to avoid hot baths and showers for three days.


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

At this clinic, laser hair removal provides a consistent and competent procedure to remove unwanted hair. It’s a cost-efficient process with long term results since patients don’t have to spend money on creams, razors, and other related hair removal tools.

Recent studies demonstrate laser hair removal as a magnificent combatant against ingrown hairs ensuring they don’t reappear post-treatment.

This is the perfect opportunity to target unwanted hair and eliminate them safely without resorting to ineffective techniques.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal Procedures

In the hands of a seasoned practitioner, patients don’t have to worry about lingering and/or long-term side effects. A small percentage of cases illustrate signs of mild skin irritation or pigment change. Patients can apply ointments in such cases and watch the side effects diminish in a few hours.

Due to the nature of this procedure, patients are highly recommended to visit a trusted clinic with years of experience. It can help eliminate potential side effects and act as a preventative solution.

Why Choose This Clinic?

All specialists here are certified professionals and have assisted thousands of locals with laser hair removal. The clinic enforces a high standard for its equipment and delivers a cost-efficient solution.

Patients receive a comprehensive consultation and don’t have to rely on elongated sessions to see a reduction in unwanted hair. Appropriate wavelengths are engaged to amplify results and target deeper lying follicles.

This team uses valid research and equipment to deliver a permanent reduction in hair growth. The clinic also ensures all candidates are vetted beforehand to ensure their skin is fit for the procedure.

For more information, get started by speaking with a representative to book your consultation. A specialist will go through your history and analyze the hair follicles before determining the best course of action moving forward.





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