Eye treatment (Pelleve RF)

The Pelleve RF Therapy uses high frequency radio waves (hRF) to stimulate collagen in the skin. This clinic offers access to the device to eliminate wrinkles under the eyes. Whether it’s wrinkles, creases, or loose skin, facial aesthetics begin with your eyes. This system is ideal for treating all eye-related skin issues and will provide a boost to one’s skin quality.

By stimulating collagen production, the treatment will tighten and smoothen skin near your eyes.


This system is a soothing, non-surgical procedure and is designed to feel “mildly warm” when used. The high frequency radio waves target collagen production and leave the epidermis untouched. Before beginning, the clinic will schedule a consultation to assess the skin and see how the system can be used to treat your eye-related skin concerns.

Each treatment plan is personalized to suit a patient’s needs. The radio waves reach specific target areas near the eye to initiate change. For ideal results, patients are recommended to schedule 3-5 treatments (3-4 week intervals). This information is determined post-assessment between patient and specialist.  The skin near a patient’s eyes is soft and delicate making it essential to use refined technology. This clinic offers approved technology such as the Pelleve RF device to treat your skin.  The results will be natural, subtle, and beautiful.

What will the treatment encompass?

Each session will begin by applying a topical anesthetic cream to the target area(s). Once completed, the certified specialist will grab a Pelleve RF device (hand piece) and prepare it for use. This hand piece emits an intense set of high frequency radio waves directly at the target area(s). By doing this, the device pushes thermal energy towards the tissue.

The heat will be set at 40-45 C depending on the patient’s skin type and condition.

The specialist will pay attention to the skin’s response to high frequency radio waves and thermal heat before making ongoing changes. As the skin heats up, it will initiate collagen growth and tighten the skin. Please note, the results may vary.

This treatment will not hurt and is deemed pain-free. The feeling is referred to as being “mildly warm” and comfortable.

Ideal Candidate For Pelleve RF Therapy

While all patients with loose skin are welcome to book their consultation, the clinic limits its sessions for superior results.

The ideal candidate is a patient with signs of aging and evident wrinkles, creases, and spots near the eyes. During the consultation, a specialist will examine the target area to see if it’s conducive for treatment.

Candidates who may see reduced results include pregnant women and individuals with substantial weight loss. All relevant information will be provided to prospective patients during the consultation.

Please note, patients with pacemakers are ineligible for treatment. The induced electrical current may interfere with the pacemaker.


Patients receive treatment with the Pelleve RF procedure will not consistent progression. The skin will continue to strengthen over time and peak near the 4-6 month period. In general, most patients mention noticeable results after the first month.

To maintain results, patients are asked to come in for touch-up sessions. In most cases, a patient can manage with at least 1-2 touch-up sessions per year. For more information, feel free to speak to your specialist and determine the ideal maintenance schedule moving forward.

To begin your Pelleve RF therapy, please contact the clinic and set up your consultation with a top-tier specialist. This team prides itself on using safe, efficient technology to manage wrinkles, spots, blemishes, and all skin-related issues. Sit down and build a comprehensive plan of action to treat your skin problems now.


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