The progressive development of fat in one’s body can lead to an increase in weight, mounting health concerns, and an underlying lack of self-esteem. This is where CoolSculpting offers beneficial results in targeting and eliminating fat cells to promote a healthier, fitter lifestyle. The clinic uses modern techniques and equipment to provide comprehensive results with this treatment option.


The process begins with an in-depth assessment completed by one of the clinic’s trained specialists. Patients are asked to list their goals and go through detailed examining before a tailor-made strategy is approved.  This initial consultation will also include a thorough introduction to “CoolSculpting” and its advantages.

What are the benefits of CoolSculpting?

  • Removes Unwanted Bulges Containing Fat Cells
  • Gradual Elimination of Fat
  • Safe and Tested
  • Comfortable Temperature (4 Degrees Celsius)
  • FDA Approved
  • No Downtime
  • Leading Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatment

CoolSculpting involves the use of an applicator device positioned at a pre-determined area. The device is used to attract tissue to that area. Once the suction commences, the applicator device will instantaneously cool the area. This cooling sensation is used to freeze the fat cells and as a result, indirectly eliminate them. The body will slowly dispose of these frozen cells on its own.

Please note, each patient responds differently to this treatment and may have a quick or slow recovery period as the fat cells flush away naturally. The treated area will begin to appear contoured and smooth as the recovery phase starts.

CoolSculpting vs. Sculpsure

The next question is, why CoolSculpting and not “Sculpsure” while receiving treatment for excess fat?

CoolSculpting and Sculpsure both have the same primary goal of eliminating fat cells using a targeted device but vary based on temperature settings. Sculpsure is reliant on the use of heat (42 degrees Celsius) to target fat cells, while CoolSculpting uses a cooling sensation to freeze fat cells (4 degrees Celsius).  CoolSculpting requires 45-50 minutes to complete and will not damage skin.

Please note, these treatments are approved by Health Canada and can be used in various regions of the body including a patient’s flank or abdomen. These determinations are made during the in-depth consultation and will be approved based on the ongoing examinations.


CoolSculpting will not damage the skin and offers a comfortable experience for patients. A trained specialist at the clinic will pre-examine the skin to determine if it’s suited for the procedure and once the assessment is complete, the session is initiated. The examination will take place during the consultation and once before the first session. In general, a patient will be able to return to his/her daily activities as soon as they leave the clinic. Patients are also provided with information to maximize their recovery and ensure the results are as desired.

This clinic recommends avoiding the use of post-surgery massages to ease the targeted area(s). A massage may irritate the area and will not aid the fat elimination process. These details are mentioned by the specialist post-session after an additional examination is completed.

If necessary, the patient will be asked to come in for supplementary sessions to target other regions of the body. These will be scheduled in advance after the consultation is completed. For more information, patients are asked to speak with their dedicated specialist.

Side Effects of CoolSculpting

This treatment has been vetted by Health Canada and the clinic to guarantee superior results without aggravating the skin. In most cases, the patient will enjoy the session and find it to be pleasant.

This clinic is well regarded for its use of sanitary equipment, modern techniques, and continues to hone its craft for maximum efficiency. Patients will not be subject to ongoing side effects.

In some cases, patients may report slight redness or swelling, and this will last for no more than 20-30 minutes before going away. The specialist will examine this area post-session and offer insight on what’s required. Please note, this is rare and should not be expected.

Ideal Candidate

To begin the consultation phase for CoolSculpting, the specialist will ask patients a series of questions regarding their medical history, treatment needs, and the health of their skin in its current state. These factors are combined to assess the patient’s viability as a candidate. If approved, the patient will receive a comprehensive package on Cold Sculpsure and its benefits including when the first session will commence.

Patients are highly recommended to prep for this session and come with any questions they may have regarding CoolSculpting.

In general, the ideal candidate is a patient with noticeable fat around specific regions of the body needing contouring. The patient’s medical history will also be assessed to determine if his/her current health is viable for the treatment.

To get started with a robust free consultation, please call in and book an appointment. This is an opportunity to meet with a well-recognized specialist to examine all potential options for your needs. As a dedicated team and proven provider of CoolSculpting treatments, this clinic is the go-to option for patients wanting to get rid of excess fat safely.


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