Mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure designed to inject water base materials into the skin. This treatment is completed with the use of micro needles and helps replenish the skin. The materials are packed with nutrients and offer a range of advantages while revitalizing the skin. Skin rejuvenation using this procedure provides depth, comprehensive diffusion, and does not enter the bloodstream.

The clinic uses state-of-the-art technology to complete this procedure and will personalize the treatment to maximize efficiency. All results are cultivated under the careful supervision of a professional with years of clinical experience.


Mesotherapy requires the use of micro needles to puncture the skin and help promote long-term collagen development. This procedure is detailed and is finalized after a thorough consultation.

All injections offered are completed in a seamless, pain-free manner to offer full value to patients. The skin’s surface is examined before beginning and monitored throughout the procedure. If necessary, patients are offered a mild painkiller or anesthetic to relieve pressure.

Patients can expect approximately 4-10 treatments depending on their skin’s condition, progression, and medical history. All details are weighed by an expert to ensure your results are as required. These treatments are short and will not go longer than 30-40 minutes. A schedule is set up after the consultation to evenly spread these sessions for maximum effectiveness.

What areas can be treated with Mesotherapy?

  • Thighs (Inside and Outside)
  • Chin
  • Upper Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Face

 If necessary, the consultation will detail the plan for your session(s). This can help provide precise results in the problem areas.

Please consult with a specialist at the clinic to determine the best course of action for your case.

Potential Side Effects

Mesotherapy is a safe, non-surgical treatment and will not lead to long-term side effects. In general, patients are able to go back to their routine as soon as they leave the clinic.

For potential side effects, the following can be seen in rare cases.

  • Mild Redness
  • Gentle Itching
  • Minor Swelling
  • General Discomfort
  • Pea-Like Pustules (Very Rare!)

Once again, these are uncommon and when a procedure is completed under the watchful eye of a seasoned expert, these side effects will not appear.

Ideal Candidate

While the procedure is ideal for a number of clients, it doesn’t suit specific patients. This is determined and relayed during the consultation after a specialist has examined the skin and diagnosed specific issues.

What can be a point of concern?

  • Pregnancy
  • History of Stroke
  • History of Skin Cancer (Or Any Form of Cancer)
  • History of Diabetes
  • History of Blood Clots
  • Ongoing Medication For Heart Condition(s)

If any of these concerns are relevant, Mesotherapy might not be an appropriate fit for your skin-related concerns. For more information, please contact one of the representatives at this clinic to get a detailed answer on your eligibility.

Recovery Phase

Is the recovery phase extensive with Mesotherapy?

No, it is not extensive and in most cases patients will not have to go through an exhaustive plan to maintain their results. Mesotherapy is a consistent, all-encompassing procedure and offers a delightful change to the body without needing surgery.

If the potential side effects aren’t present, a patient will be ready to wear makeup/sun screen within a few hours if necessary. The specialist provides this information on a case-to-case basis. Feel free to communicate your concerns at any stage of the procedure.

For your first session, it all begins with a simple call to speak with a representative at the clinic. Book your consultation and notice a change in your skin texture, appearance, and overall quality. This is your opportunity to reinvigorate your skin and bring it back to life.


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