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PicoSure is the first and only picosecond laser technology for the removal of pigmented lesions, such as acne scars, wrinkles, sunspots and more while rejuvenating the skin.

What is PicoSure?

PicoSure is an advanced laser technology that uses picosecond pulses to treat various skin concerns, including tattoo removal, pigmentation issues, acne scars, and skin revitalization. Using picosecond mechanism of the technology, the laser is able to deliver energy to break down the melanin (causes of pigments) without damaging the skin and encourage the skin’s natural healing and regenerating process to ultimately reviving your flawless skin complexion.

Reasons To Trust PicoSure Lasers

Nanosecond lasers cannot effectively remove various colors of ink such as yellow, purple, orange, blue, and green. Therefore, patients are asked to come in for 8–16 sessions before results are seen. These lasers are thermal and promote a heat-inducing effect that’s less productive with yellow colors.  PicoSure lasers do not create such issues and are well regarded for offering consistent, high-quality results for all ink colors.

Ideal Candidate for PicoSure

Patients with an unwanted or unappealing tattoo wishing to remove all or part of their tattoo are ideal candidates.

A patient’s pigmentation does not matter when it comes to the use of this laser and how it functions. For those with darker skin, the PicoSure laser is safer and well tested to produce effective results.

For any laser-resistant tattoo pigments, the specialist will adapt and use the laser’s distinctive settings to remove them.

Candidates who might require an intensive or highly personalized treatment include those with metabolic conditions such as lupus or diabetes. The same applies to candidates with healing wounds.

Improves These

Acne Scars
Large Pores
Skin Rejuvenation
Brighter, Even Skin
Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Promote Collagen Production
Smooth Skin
Lifted Skin
No surgery
Minimal downtime

About the Procedure

How does the procedure work once a patient has decided PicoSure technology is the way to go?

Signature Cosmetic Clinic trained specialist will administer a comprehensive examination of the skin and deeper layers of tissue to assess physical integrity. The tattoo’s size, ink color(s), and durability are analyzed to determine an appropriate personalized treatment program using a PicoSure laser.

All details are discussed during the consultation. These details include how the tattoo will be removed, how the PicoSure laser operates, and how many treatments are required (four in most cases).

Signature Cosmetic Clinic specialist will also discuss the PicoSure laser’s settings and what will be used for a patient’s particular variables.

PicoSure Post-Procedure Recovery

The specialist will complete the session in 5–10 minutes using PicoSure technology. Once the procedure is complete, a small frosting will appear on the skin’s surface. This frosting can be a mild red and take 24–48 hours to dissipate. Post-removal, the patient will have a topical ointment placed on the target area to counteract rubbing.

Each session will manage to eliminate 15-25% of the tattoo, depending on the patient’s skin and tattoo.

For more information on the cost and various other details, please call in and speak with a representative to book your consultation now. PicoSure is the #1 (Number One) tattoo-removing laser in the world and the right option for your needs.

PicoSure: Results Timeline

Signature Cosmetic Clinic specialist will discuss these details during the consultation and at the beginning of each session to ensure a soothing experience is offered.

The PicoSure treatment is carried out over the course of 3–6 treatments (5-15 minutes each). All procedures are completed with the assistance of topical numbing agents.

The PicoSure laser and its ultra-short wavelengths induce immediate change in the tattoo pigments. These pigments deteriorate into minute particles before dispersing.

The body eliminates these grains in less than six weeks with the assistance of its immune system.

Procedure Details:


60 Minutes


Every 4 – 5 weeks for minimum of 3 sessions



Picosure before 5 Picosure after 5



Picosure before 6 Picosure after 6



Picosure before 4 Picosure after 4




Have more questions?

Read more about PicoSure here!


Is PicoSure Laser safe?

PicoSure Laser is considered safe when performed by trained and experienced professionals. The picosecond technology minimizes the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

Is PicoSure Laser suitable for all skin types?

PicoSure Laser is safe for most skin types, including darker skin tones. However, individual factors and skin conditions may affect treatment suitability. A consultation with a qualified provider is recommended.

Is PicoSure Laser treatment painful?

PicoSure Laser treatment may cause mild discomfort, often described as a snapping or tingling sensation. Most patients find the procedure tolerable, and the discomfort is usually brief.

Are the results of PicoSure Laser treatment permanent?

The results of PicoSure Laser treatment for tattoo removal and pigmentation correction can be long-lasting. However, new pigmentation or tattoo ink may develop over time due to external factors, such as sun exposure or new tattoos. Maintenance treatments may be recommended to sustain results.

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