Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is blotchy, irregular skin pigmentation. This skin condition can age the skin and embolden the development of wrinkles, creasing, and fine lines. The skin’s pigmentation becomes asymmetrical and leads to unappealing aesthetic changes to one’s appearance.

Causes of Uneven Skin Tone

The primary cause of a patient’s uneven skin tone will vary depending on different factors. These variables will determine the skin’s pigmentation, amount of unevenness, and which treatment will produce sufficient results.

Studies have shown uneven skin tone can be the most alarming sign of aging.

Causes include:

  • Natural Hyperpigmentation (Overproduction of Melanin)
  • Exposure to UV Rays
  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Hormonal Changes

Each patient will display a unique set of causes and symptoms depending on their body’s reaction. While some will notice active/inactive acne (scarring) others will notice isolated dark spots.  A specialist can help determine why the skin is uneven and the applicable treatment.


To determine the cause of a patient’s uneven skin tone, this clinic offers an all-inclusive consultation. The meeting will help pinpoint the root cause before developing a complete treatment plan. The ideal treatment encompasses the use of wavelengths targeted at specific area(s).

This treatment is customized to the patient’s skin condition, medical history, and aesthetic needs.

All results offered at this clinic are natural, beautiful, and will fill patients with confidence. With years of extensive skincare experience and a passion for optimizing results, this clinic offers industry-grade procedures using top-tier technology. These treatment options offer a youthful appearance.

What does the treatment encompass?

With uneven skin tones, the target areas are mapped to determine a suitable, pain-free option. With the use of targeted wavelengths, the specialist is able to get under the skin and maximize energy. The goal of this procedure is to rejuvenate skin cells and help kick start collagen production.

Once the areas are mapped, a specialist will apply the topical anesthetic. This is used to calm the target region and avoid pain/discomfort at any stage. While this treatment is safe and approved by Health Canada, the clinic prides itself on taking precautionary measures for the patient’s peace of mind. All relevant details are penned before the treatment plan is established to ensure patients are content with their procedure.

After the topical anesthetic is applied, the laser will be directed at the dermal layer of skin. This helps provoke collagen building and eliminate hyperpigmentation in the skin. In the hands of a certified specialist, the results are noticeable and life changing.

This treatment will include a final assessment by a certified specialist to determine if the procedure is successful. Once satisfied, the patient will be asked to pinpoint side effects (mild redness, mild discomfort) before leaving. In general, this procedure is safe and will not cause any sign of discomfort.


The recovery stage is important and will not be extensive. In most cases, the patient may head back to his/her daily routine. If side effects are present post-procedure, a topical ointment is prescribed. This soothes the target area(s) to offer relief. The side effects will dissipate in 1-3 days depending on the patient’s skin.

Initial results are seen after the 24-hour mark. Many patients state the results continue to come in after the six-month point. This clinic continues to monitor results with patients and maintains an open line of communication as deemed necessary.

For more questions about the procedure, consultation, or anything else, please feel free to call in and book a detailed meeting with one of the top consultants in town. This clinic will work hard to offer a youthful, beautiful change that’s balanced. Uneven skin tone doesn’t have to be a lifelong sentence.


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