Pigmented Lesions (Brown Spots)

Pigmented lesions or “age spots” are produced by melanocyte (pigment cells). These lesions occur after continuous aging, waning skin elasticity, and long-term sun exposure. Once the skin begins to thin, it promotes an increase in melanin causing the development of age spots.

Pigmentation can involve one’s hands, shoulders, forehead, head (bald), arms, and face. The age spots can range from a mild brown to black.

What’s the solution?

This clinic provides an all-encompassing treatment using laser technology to target pigmented lesions. All procedures use high-quality light to go over spots and/or dark pigment clusters. This helps the area(s) to fade and freshen over time.

How Does Laser Treatment Improve Pigmentation?

Pigmentation encompasses a list of variables and its important to understand how laser treatment can assist in improving one’s appearance.

Patients can use laser treatment to target the following concerns:

  • Freckles
  • Age spots (Pigmented Lesions)
  • Sun Spots
  • Scars
  • Darker Patches
  • Birthmarks (Brown)

 Additional pigmentation concerns can be mentioned during a patient’s consultation at the clinic. This helps paint a better picture of what’s expected and how the treatment will unfold.  


The treatment encompasses the use of laser technology to help promote collagen building. It targets the age spots and eliminates them. The skin gains a genuine evenness and begins to clear out as desired.

Before the procedure commences, a robust consultation is scheduled to analyze the patient’s skin and determine his/her requirements. Once these are highlighted, the appropriate laser-based treatment plan is setup.

Patients will be asked to participate in a 15-30 minute session and could require 1-2 sessions to complete a comprehensive removal of pigmented lesions. Each session is spaced out in three-week intervals to maximize efficiency.


Once the age spots are targeted and eliminated in the 15-30 minute session, a specialist will review all areas to determine visibility. If the results are as expected, a robust recovery regimen is established and provided to help patients in the coming days.

Since these are non-surgical treatments, the recovery period is minimal and most patients can head back to their daily routine immediately. In certain cases, a patient might display minor swelling or redness in which case a topical ointment is offered.

For more information, patients are welcome to speak with the specialist for a customized assessment of their post-procedural requirements.

Safety of Laser Treatment

Is the procedure to repair pigmented skin safe?

Yes, all laser technologies used inside the clinic are approved by Health Canada and offer a safe solution to patients.

The laser is non-invasive and doesn’t harm the patient. It is pain-free and is set at a comfortable temperature of 45 degrees. If necessary, patients are provided with the option to use a topical anesthetic.

Please note, this clinic adheres to strict quality control standards and does not take its treatments lightly. All solutions are rendered by certified practitioners and involve a robust safety check.

Patients are welcome to ask about all built-in safety regulations and how the laser equipment is managed on a day-to-day basis.

Ideal Candidate

Who is the ideal candidate for this laser treatment? Any individual with pigmented lesions or related skin concerns is a viable candidate.

However, patients with metabolic conditions, lupus, diabetes, and/or skin cancers are asked to mention this beforehand to the consulting specialist. The consultation will entail a full assessment of one’s medical history and mentioning all relevant details is vital.

To get started, patients are asked to call in and book an appointment to receive a detailed assessment on their skin and how it will be treated. The consultation will also include a reasonable quote.

This is the start to your journey for unblemished, lesion-free skin.


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