Crepey Skin

Crepey Skin is defined as thin, paper-like skin caused by aging. It’s often noticeable on one’s hands, décolletage, and neck. A comprehensive treatment using high-frequency radio waves can aid in eliminating this problem. Once the skin begins to lose its elastin, collagen, and related elements, crepey skin begins to develop.

This clinic offers a seamless, high-grade procedure for all of its patients.

To regain youthfulness and healthy skin, a targeted treatment can offer wide-ranging results. The skin’s texture will strengthen and feel natural once again.

Main Causes of Crepey Skin

Signs of thinning, paper-like skin can cause distress. It leads to continuous depletion of skin quality and texture. This is why diagnosing “crepey skin” and treating it is essential.

What causes crepey skin?

  • Reduced Collagen Production
  • Aging
  • Excessive Exposure To UV Rays
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Nutritional Deficiencies (Rare)

It’s important to consult with a specialist to determine the root cause for your crepey skin. This clinic will offer a free consultation to all clients seeking an opinion for their skin condition and texture.


During the initial consultation, a specialist will emphasize the relationship between collagen and crepey skin. Once the skin breaks down due to sun-related damage, aging, or lower levels of collagen building, it will display a paper-like texture. The specialist will analyze the skin’s texture to see if it’s thinning. If yes, a radiofrequency-based treatment will be offered as an immediate solution.

This clinic uses radiofrequency energy to generate heat and stimulate collagen production. On the day of one’s procedure, a handheld device is applied to the target area(s). This pushes concentrated heat into the deeper layers of skin where collagen resides. To ensure maximum comfort, the handheld device releases a chilled dose of cryogen. If necessary, a topical anesthetic is applied before the treatment commences.

Please note, a session will take approximately 45-90 minutes to complete depending on the patient’s skin. This determination is made based on the patient’s age, skin condition, and any related variables such as their medical history.  For a better estimation, call in and consult with your designated specialist

After the treatment is complete, a final assessment is done to see the skin’s condition, texture, and appearance. If satisfied, the session is concluded and patients are welcome to leave with a detailed recovery plan. In general, the results will begin to reveal themselves after 24 hours and continue to do so for months to come. The collagen building will be a continuous process and can display results for years to come.

Reasons To Use High-Frequency Radio Waves

This clinic uses a certified treatment to offer seamless results for patients with crepey skin. This treatment is accredited by Health Canada and is safe.

Here are the reasons:

  • Eliminates Signs of Aging
  • Targets Sagging Skin
  • Smoothens Skin
  • Thickens Skin
  • Eliminates Bulges and/or Dimples

These reasons illustrate the potency of radio waves and why this procedure is heralded as a top-tier option to target crepey skin.


The treatment is safe and will not cause major swelling, redness, or discomfort post-session. In fact, the recovery phase is minimal and most patients display no signs of pain afterwards.

Patients are welcome to go back to their daily routine after the session is finished.

If necessary, the specialist will offer a comprehensive recovery plan to maximize results and avoid discomfort. Patients are always welcome to call in and seek additional advice as required.

To get started with your treatment and eliminate crepey skin, please call in and book a consultation at this clinic. A specialist will offer a robust, all-encompassing assessment of your skin before establishing a comprehensive treatment plan.



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