Acne Scars

Acne is a medical term used to define the clogging up of one’s pores (tiny holes in skin). These pores are required to excrete sweat and aid hair follicles in growing out. It’s a natural cleansing system as oil gets expelled from the body. However, excess sebum (oily substance) can become a problem. It overwhelms the tiny pores and leaves them clogged. This is when a person will develop pimples.

Causes of Acne

Research indicates each case is unique.

The causes can include:

  • Hormonal Changes (Pregnancy, Puberty)
  • Medication
  • Makeup/Hair Products
  • Genetics


Who Gets Acne?

This is a common skin affliction.

Therefore, people of all ages can see acne development. In general, 80% of cases are seen in patients between the ages 11-30.

The remaining percentage is divided among older patients with “adult acne.”

Types of Acne

Each case will vary and therefore, it’s best to speak with a specialist and determine the cause of your concerns. Patients will receive an immediate assessment of their skin during the consultation phase.

One of the determinations made involves the type of acne being treated.

These include:

  • Pimples
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Cysts

Each type leads to a unique plan of action while being treated.

This information is analyzed, processed, and used to build the perfect acne treatment procedure to help the patient.

If a patient has acne scars, the specialist will take this into account before an all-encompassing treatment plan is designed. The primary goal is to help establish beautiful, vibrant skin and this examination is important to the cause.

The specialist will also recommend various additional treatments based on these details such as chemical peels. If so, all pros and cons will be offered before the patient makes a decision.

Treatment for Acne

Acne treatment can help treat and remove acne using cutting-edge radio frequency technology. The tool seeks out acne bacteria before eliminating it. This clinic offers a wide-ranging, powerful treatment to assist patients with their condition.

Upon consultation, the skin is examined and the appropriate radio waves are assigned to help kill acne-related bacteria in a safe and effective manner.

After a consultation is completed and the patent’s skin is examined, a session is booked with one of the clinic’s premier specialists. This acne treatment involves the use of radio frequency and/or ultra sound technology to help remove all signs of acne.

Each session requires 30-60 minutes depending on the patient’s case and will be spread across 3-6 treatments (once a week). Please note, these variables can change and are discussed during the consultation.

A common description from past patients is the treatment feels “gentle” and “warm” once in motion.

Once the treatment is complete, a specialist will go through to analyze post-procedures results and emphasize specific directions to optimize acne removal.


After each session, a patient will be examined to pinpoint any concerns and assess how the skin is doing post-procedure. In rare cases, the skin can show signs of gentle swelling and redness. If so, the specialist will provide a topical ointment to ease the skin.

In general, the skin will look healthy and is not going to display signs of dryness and/or peeling. It will remain vibrant and easy to manage at all times.

The purpose of this treatment is to remain gentle and painless without pushing patients to rely on topical disinfectants.

Patients can expect to go back to their regular schedule as soon as they leave.

Ideal Candidate for Acne Treatment

The right candidate is a patient with active acne who wishes to have clearer skin. It’s also important to maintain realistic expectations over the course of this treatment.

It’s recommended for patients to be above the age of 18 to receive this treatment.

The ideal candidate is someone who is willing to incorporate long term acne prevention solutions to ensure the results are permanent.

Side Effects of Procedure

Does this acne treatment leave patients with long-term side effects?

No, it does not and it’s certified to help treat acne in a proficient manner without causing damage. This is an approved treatment and does not pose a risk to patients.

The radio waves are non-abrasive and will not cause damage from overexposure.

All it takes is one phone call to begin your acne treatment process. A specialist will pick up the phone and book a consultation with you in seconds. This is the first step towards clearer, healthier skin!





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