Looking Tired, Old, or Stressed

Aging skin includes the appearance of fine lines, creasing, wrinkles, and age spots. The skin loses its elasticity and starts to appear old, tired, and stressed. To maintain a youthful appearance, appropriate measures are required to preserve a higher level of collagen and elastin production. This clinic offers a solution for patients struggling with their older, tired, or stressed appearance.


The development of aging skin will vary contingent on a patient’s medical history, age, skin type, and lifestyle. Each factor amplifies or reduces aging. Before implementing a short or long-term solution, this clinic provides prospective patients with a complete inspection of their skin. This is conducted during the initial consultation as the skin is analyzed to pinpoint what the root cause is of your wrinkles, fine lines, creasing, or age spots.

Causes include:

  • Natural Aging
  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Exposure To Sun
  • Metabolic Condition(s)
  • Skin Condition(s)
  • Hormonal Changes (Pregnancy)

A patient may display one or multiple causes from this list. In most cases, natural aging impacts a patient as the skin loses its ability to generate an appropriate amount of collagen or elastin. To augment this biological process, the clinic offers a robust high-frequency radio waves procedure.

To determine if a patient is ideal for this procedure, the specialist will examine the skin and establish a personalized treatment plan. If necessary, the clinic provides a range of treatments including using radio wavelengths, dermal fillers, and more. Each solution is compact, safe, and non-surgical ensuring minimal downtime and efficient results.


If the skin is displaying noticeable signs of aging (deep creasing, wrinkles, age spots), the specialist will assess the use of a suitable procedure to offer immediate results. This can include the use of high-frequency radio waves and/or dermal fillers depending on the patient’s medical history, amount of aging, and skin texture.

Treatment is only provided after a trained specialist at the clinic makes this initial determination.

How is the skin treated after it’s examined?

On the day of the treatment, a patient’s skin will be studied for further developments. If satisfied, the specialist will apply a topical anesthetic to the specific area(s) being targeted. The goal is to soothe the area and provide a pain-free experience.

For the high-frequency radio waves, the procedure will include the use of an advanced handheld device. This lets off a unique cooling sensation (cryogen) to ease the skin as the radio waves are used. These radio waves target the underlying dermal layer of skin with thermal energy. Once completed, the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin will increase.

If soft tissue dermal fillers are used, the injection site(s) are numbed using a topical anesthetic. A thin needle is used to insert the dermal filler to prop up the skin. This treatment requires meticulous attention to detail and a trained hand. The results will last for at least 6-8 months before patients require additional injections to maintain their results. The timeline may vary depending on how the patient’s skin handles the dermal filler(s).


The recovery stage does not require extensive downtime and most cases will reveal no signs of redness, swelling, or bruising. If minor side effects appear, the patient will be provided with a range of post-procedure options including gentle painkillers. In general, the side effects will last no more than a day before disappearing.

The results will start appearing after the first 24 hours and continue to show for 6-8 months. Please note, these numbers may vary depending on the type of procedure, amount of target areas, and the patient’s skin type.

For more information on eliminating signs of aging, patients are asked to book a consultation at this clinic and speak with a trusted specialist.




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