Chubby Cheeks

Excess fat on one’s cheek can give the appearance of “chubbiness.” The condition is termed as “chubby cheeks” where the face is rounded and has a particular fullness to it. This condition may lead patients to feel insecure, old, or unhappy with their appearance. As the skin ages, the chubbiness turns into sagging tissue near one’s cheeks, jaw, and chin. In some cases, the patient may report a noticeable dullness to his/her face.

Causes of Chubby Cheeks

The appearance of fullness is unappealing and unwanted. It can cause distress and might reduce one’s structured aesthetics. Based on the patient’s condition, it’s important to analyze the cause(s) and what can be done to alleviate the plump appearance.

To do so, the specialist will scrutinize the skin and determine if the cause can be treated. This clinic assesses all potential causes before determining which treatment is apt.

Causes Include

  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Hormonal Changes (Pregnancy)
  • Excessive Weight Gain
  • Tumour (Very Rare!)

 For patients who may be concerned about the presence of a tumour, it’s best to speak with a medical professional before your consultation. This clinic recommends seeking medical assistance and/or setting up a consultation at the clinic. This will help inspect the chubby cheeks and what may be the root cause.

Ideal Candidate

During the consultation, the clinic’s specialist will determine whether a prospective patient is suited to the treatment or not. A set of variables is discussed during the consultation to make this decision. If approved, the specialist will set up an immediate date for an upcoming procedure to remove fat near the cheeks.

An ideal candidate is a patient with noticeable chubbiness around his/her cheeks. It’s recommended for the patient to have judicious expectations before the procedure and a clear vision. This ensures the results are up to par.

All relevant information will be provided to the client throughout this discussion.


The next stage in this process is the treatment. Upon consulting with a trusted specialist, patients will have an established date for their procedure. The treatment will encompass a full assessment of the chubby cheeks, how to treat them, and the post-procedure recovery plan.

The procedure will include the use of top-tier technology. Before targeting fat near or around the cheeks, a specialist will pinpoint which treatment to use and how to provide aesthetically pleasing results. This information is offered to the patient too.

The session will be quick, pain-free, and efficient. It’s approved by Health Canada and is going to ensure all post-procedure results minimize skin wrinkles, augment skin elasticity, and maintain a youthful appearance.


After the session is completed, the specialist will inspect the cheeks for balance, proportions, and healthiness. This examination is robust, thorough, and based on the clinic’s high quality control process. The goal is to offer patients with conclusive results.

The recovery isn’t extensive nor will it be painful.

In general, patients report minimal signs of stress, discomfort, or pain during the post-procedure days. In rare cases, a patient may describe minor swelling, redness, or bruising. If so, the specialist will offer an immediate solution along with the regimen established to augment results.

This clinic prides itself on offering a comprehensive treatment plan to maintain the skin’s quality while reducing excess fat near the cheeks.

If necessary, patients are welcome to come in and seek additional sessions with the clinic’s specialists to maximize results. The team works hard on all of its patients and produces personalized results to suit their requirements.

To get rid of your chubby cheeks in a safe and appropriate manner, it all begins with a simple call to book your consultation at the clinic.


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