Unwanted Tattoo

This clinic provides an all-encompassing solution to remove tattoo pigments from one’s dermis (bottom layer of skin). While getting a tattoo, individuals have ink embedded into the dermis. It’s permanent and can only be removed at a professional clinic such as this one.

Age-old lasers may have helped with black ink but prove inefficient in front of colored ink such as red, blue, yellow, orange, and purple. This clinic uses a modern laser to help target these tattoo pigments and eliminate them.

Unwanted tattoos can become bothersome and it’s important to have a plan of action in place. With a seasoned specialist, patients can receive guidance on how to remove their tattoo.

A plan using various wavelengths is employed to do this over the course of multiple treatments to eradicate any sign of a tattoo.

In most cases, a treatment is required for no more than four sessions. Each session is approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the patient’s tattoo, skin, and requirements.

Why Choose This Clinic?

At this clinic, patients receive a no-hassle plan to help eliminate their tattoo once and for all. The unwanted tattoo is targeted with the use of multiple lasers to provoke immediate reduction safely.

The specialists are trained to provide meaningful results and ensure patients receive world-class assistance.

The clinic has access to PicoSure technology, which works at the speed of “one trillionth of a second” and can administer rapid results.  This technology is approved by Health Canada and has the lowest frequency of side effects.

Patients won’t require 10-20 sessions to remove their tattoo and can instead receive world-class results in no more than four sessions.

Pain-Free Tattoo Removal

Will the patient feel pain during these sessions or is it a painless experience?

Tattoo removals at this clinic are painless. The specialist will employ a topical anesthetic while using the PicoSure laser technology. Please note, PicoSure technology is heralded for being pain-free and comforting.



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