Body Fat, Weight Gain

Weight gain or “Excess Body Fat” is an abnormal or aggressive accumulation of fat tissue in specific regions of the human body. This fat can store near the face, neck, abdomen, thighs, and feet. The increase in body fat may alter one’s appearance and look aesthetically unappealing. Without a detailed reduction in fat tissue, the body continues to accrue fat and becomes challenging to manage.

This clinic offers a comprehensive treatment plan designed to help with weight management. Patients can seek an immediate consultation with one of the clinic’s specialists to pinpoint what’s causing their excess body fat or weight gain.

Causes of Weight Gain

Weight gain has several causes and not all are associated with dietary changes. Studies reveal a significant portion of weight gain or excess body fat cases are triggered by uncontrollable variables. These causes influence the patient’s appearance, self-confidence, and quality of life.

Causes include:

  • Natural Weight Gain (Dietary)
  • Abnormal Bloating
  • Side Effects of Medications
  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Aging
  • Pregnancy

Patients with noticeable weight gain may find it problematic to eliminate excess body fat. For example, pregnant woman often continue to display signs of weight gain post-pregnancy. In this case, a robust procedure at this clinic becomes an ideal and safe solution. For more information, men and women are asked to call in and book a consultation.


Whether the weight gain is controlled or uncontrolled, it can cause stress, discomfort, and frustration. To help patients with their battle against weight gain, this clinic offers a seamless procedure to help manage weight and improve one’s appearance. All treatments offered at this clinic are approved by Health Canada and completed by trained specialists.

To combat excess body fat, the specialist will examine a patient’s medical history, fat deposits, target area(s), and potential triggers. By determining this, a tailored procedure is sanctioned for short and long-term results.

This treatment will include the use of high-frequency radio waves aimed at fat deposits under the skin. It’s these fat deposits, which compound over time and lead to excessive bloating and/or discomfort.  The specialist will analyze these fat deposits in detail to ensure appropriate measures are taken.

Before the treatment, a specialist will apply a topical anesthetic near the skin (target areas only) and begin mapping out the procedure.  This treatment requires a minimum of 45 minutes to complete and the timeline may vary based on the number of areas treated. To guarantee a peaceful experience, this clinic prides itself on supervising all steps from start to finish.

Once the topical anesthetic settles, a specialist will begin working on the fat deposit(s). A handheld device emitting cryogen is applied to the skin. This device offers a cooling sensation to soothe the skin as thermal energy is directed towards multiple fat deposits. Please note, this treatment is completed at a set temperature of approximately 45 Celsius.

After the treatment is concluded, the patient’s skin, fat deposit(s), and biological reaction are monitored. This step is to ensure the patient’s well-being and which recovery plan is ideal. All relevant information is provided to the client during this step.

The recovery phase will require no more than a day or two post-procedure. In general, the recovery phase includes mild redness and/or mild swelling but this is rare. Patients are welcome to speak with a specialist at the clinic before or after the procedure to determine a long-term plan. This strategy is used to avoid future weight gain and pursue appropriate weight management strategies.

To begin this journey towards a slimmer, fitter, and well-proportioned self, please call in and speak to a specialist about your next consultation. The meeting will encompass an assessment of your skin, fat deposits, medical history, and aesthetic goals.


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