Bloating, Water Retention

Bloating or water retention is an uncharacteristic accumulation of fluid in the body causing mild or severe swelling. This can occur in various parts of the human body including one’s face, legs, ankles, and feet. As the body’s tissues react to this abnormal build-up of fluid, the skin starts to expand and bloat. When this happens, a person’s appearance or youthfulness can diminish leading to noticeable aging.


Bloating or water retention is common in both men and women. The causes may vary based on the patient’s medical history, skin condition(s), age, and skin type. A qualified specialist can assist in diagnosing the source of one’s bloated appearance.

Causes include:

  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Low Protein Levels
  • Metabolic Condition(s)
  • Development of Cellulite
  • Hormonal Changes (Pre-Menstrual in Women)

The consultation can assist in determining which cause is affecting the body and leading it to bloat or retain an abnormal amount of water. In many cases, the location of one’s bloating is genetic and requires a robust procedure to lessen. This clinic and their experienced team can assist patients in reducing the bloated appearance and regaining an aesthetic look.

Patients are requested to seek medical assistance if the condition is aggressive, uncomfortable, or causing mild/major pain. In other scenarios, a specialist at this clinic can offer insight into the primary cause of one’s bloating or water retention. Schedule a consultation with one of the clinic’s specialists and receive information on your bloated appearance.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is a patient with visible bloating or water retention. The specialist will help examine the skin to pinpoint whether or not a candidate is fit for the upcoming procedure.

Contraindications include:

  •  Use of Blood Thinners
  • Installation of Cardiac Pacemaker
  • Metal Construction In Affected Area (Doesn’t Include Braces/Crowns)
  • Inflammatory Skin Condition(s)
  • Presence of Benign Tumour
  • Presence of Previous “Lipofilling”

 All contraindications are mentioned and taken into account during the initial consultation. Patients are asked to provide all relevant information during this meeting to determine which procedure is safe for their requirements.


To help target bloating or water retention in the patient’s body, this clinic uses advanced radiofrequency therapy. The procedure is directed at the bloated area to alleviate water retention and help contour it as necessary.

Bloating or water retention requires the use of high-grade equipment while maintaining an artistic perspective. The use of thermal energy directed at the dermal layer of skin acts as a way to disperse accumulated fluid.

This procedure has a list of supplementary benefits for patients.

These supplementary benefits include an increase in collagen and elastin development. The high-frequency radio waves interact with the skin and help generate newfound collagen/elastin.  This assists in removing wrinkles, deep creasing, age spots, bulged veins, and more.

On the day of this treatment, the patient’s skin is soothed using a local anesthetic. This numbs the area as a handheld device is pressed against the bloated tissue. This device cools the skin while radio waves are aimed towards the dermal layer of skin. This helps initiate collagen production and remove all abnormal build-up of fluid. This treatment will require 45-90 minutes to complete before a final assessment is made to determine the skin’s reaction. If necessary, the specialist will provide access to a mild painkiller.

The recovery time isn’t extensive nor will it require time away from one’s work or daily routine. Patients will notice the side effects (if present) disappear within 30-45 minutes after the procedure is completed. The results will start to appear after 1-2 days depending on the body’s reaction.

For more information on targeting bloated tissues in your body, please contact this clinic and set up a robust consultation.





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