Aging hands

Aging hands signal a loss of youthfulness, vitality, and beauty. These hands often display deep creasing, age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Due to the common neglect directed towards one’s hands, they age faster than other parts of the human body. Modern-day treatments offer a refined option for patients with noticeably aged hands.

This clinic works with its patients to provide a comprehensive array of treatment options including the use of radiofrequency skin tightening, PRP, and dermal fillers to name a few.

A specialist will sit down and set up a consultation with you before determining which procedure is suited to your requirements.


Aging hands can appear due to several reasons and pointing out the main cause is mandatory before treatment. These causes can be diverse and a specialist will help examine the skin before offering a detailed explanation for your aged hands.

Causes include:

  • Natural Aging
  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Exposure To UV Rays
  • Trauma
  • Metabolic Condition(s)
  • Skin Condition(s)

The primary cause is natural aging as the skin loses elasticity while producing less collagen and elastin. Due to this, the body is unable to maintain its flawless appearance.

This clinic recommends patients with visibly aged hands to seek a consultation at the clinic. This appointment will help investigate the root cause of your aging hands and what the best treatment is moving forward.


The specialist is trained to examine a patient’s skin, medical history, and age-related condition(s) before determining an appropriate procedure. If the skin is showing visible wrinkles, fine lines, or bulging veins, a high-frequency radio wave procedure may be necessary. While patients with natural volume loss may require the use of soft tissue dermal fillers. This is a decision made by a trusted specialist at this clinic during your no-obligation consultation.

After the skin is assessed, a comprehensive treatment plan is drawn to help remove all signs of aging from a patient’s hands. All procedures offered at this clinic ensure symmetry; quality, and aesthetic nuances are taken into account while working on both hands.

The treatment will require the use of a topical anesthetic applied to all target area(s) on the hands. These locations are marked and mapped before the procedure commences. If necessary, patients can ask for additional anesthetic based on their requirements.

Please note, all treatments offered for aging hands are safe and approved by Health Canada. This clinic has rigorous quality control standards and prides itself for having top-tier specialists.

The treatment will include the use of high-frequency radio waves or soft tissue dermal fillers directed at specific areas of the hands. The specialist will use his/her artistic skill to provide a balanced solution that’s aesthetically appealing.

These results will appear after the first day with most patients noticing visible changes 2-3 months later. If required, a patient can request supplementary procedures to augment or maintain their results depending on the case.



All treatments are performed under local anesthesia. In certain cases, the clinic will offer patients with a mild painkiller to alleviate underlying pain/discomfort. This is rare and shouldn’t be expected as a potential side effect.

The procedure is simple, safe, and efficient. It’s designed to provide a top of the line non-surgical option for patients with aging hands.

If desired, patients can ask for a long-term recovery plan to augment or maintain their results over a longer stretch of time. The specialist will craft a specialized plan and introduce specific changes to enhance one’s aging hands.

To take control of your aging hands and rejuvenate their appearance, call in and set up a no-obligation consultation with one of the clinic’s specialists.


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