Body, Specific Conditions

Spider Veins on Legs or Body

Spider veins are small blood vessels located in the skin. These present themselves in a tinge of red or blue depending upon a patient’s skin. The veins are filled with de-oxygenated blood (venous) or oxygenated blood (red).  Over time, these veins become cosmetically unappealing especially as they grow in number or visibility. These veins can…

Stretch Marks

The red or silvery white marks on a patient’s skin are called “stretch marks” and can be troubling. Patients seeking immediate change to smoothen their skin are asked to book a consultation at this clinic. These stretch marks are often located near the arms, hips, breasts, buttocks, back, and abdomen depending on the patient’s case….

Unwanted Tattoo

This clinic provides an all-encompassing solution to remove tattoo pigments from one’s dermis (bottom layer of skin). While getting a tattoo, individuals have ink embedded into the dermis. It’s permanent and can only be removed at a professional clinic such as this one. Age-old lasers may have helped with black ink but prove inefficient in…


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