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Skin Tags and Moles

Skin tags are tiny, soft pieces of skin that protrude out. These may appear on the upper trunk, neck, armpits, or various body folds.

Skin Tags and Moles

Moles are pigmented cells that accumulate in specific areas on the skin. These formulate in the early portion of one’s life (first 20 years) and may appear in an array of colors such as black, brown, or blue. Skin tags and moles are harmless unless aggressively rubbed or bumped. To assess the causes of skin tags and moles, it’s important to analyze the various types of moles. For example, a patient may display congenital nevi (present at birth) or dysplastic nevi. In general, congenital nevi are smaller and may grow up to the size of a pencil eraser. While dysplastic nevi are irregularly shaped and larger than a pencil eraser. Studies show skin tags remain “causeless” meaning a direct correlation hasn’t been made with one specific variable. However, skin rubbing is mentioned as a probable cause.

To receive a better assessment of your skin tag(s) or mole(s), it’s best to speak with a specialist at this clinic for more information. The consultation will help understand the underlying cause, your medical history, and the optimal solution to get rid of them.

Possible Treatments

Skin Tag Removal

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To receive a thorough consultation, we can schedule an appointment for you with our medical expert. This will assist in examining the skin under a lens to determine what concerns that we should assist you in targeting with our technology and products. Our clinic prides itself in upholding high standards with all cosmetic procedures and values the patient’s input during all stages including consultations.

The consultation includes an examination, treatment plan (multiple options), and a detailed quote based on the patient’s budget. All suggested treatments are industry-grade, approved by Health Canada, and offer resourceful results. The specialist will highlight relevant information in sync with a patient’s underlying condition.

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