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Skin Tags and Moles

Skin tags are tiny, soft pieces of skin that protrude out. These may appear on the upper trunk, neck, armpits, or various body folds.

Skin Tags and Moles

Skin tags are tiny, soft pieces of skin that protrude out. These may appear on the upper trunk, neck, armpits, or various body folds. Moles are pigmented cells that accumulate in specific areas on the skin. These formulate in the early portion of one’s life (first 20 years) and may appear in an array of colors such as black, brown, or blue. Skin tags and moles are harmless unless aggressively rubbed or bumped.

4 Causes of Skin Tags and Moles

To assess the causes of skin tags and moles, it’s important to analyze the various types of moles. For example, a patient may display congenital nevi (present at birth) or dysplastic nevi. In general, congenital nevi are smaller and may grow up to the size of a pencil eraser. While dysplastic nevi are irregularly shaped and larger than a pencil eraser.

With this in mind, let’s assess the causes of skin tags and moles.

Causes include:

  • Exposure to Sun
  • Developed Cluster of Skin Cells
  • Continuous Skin Rubbing or Trauma
  • Genetic Predisposition

Studies show skin tags remain “causeless” meaning a direct correlation hasn’t been made with one specific variable. However, skin rubbing is mentioned as a probable cause.

To receive a better assessment of your skin tag(s) or mole(s), it’s best to speak with a specialist at Signature Cosmetic Clinic for more information. The consultation will help understand the underlying cause, your medical history, and the optimal solution to get rid of them.

Possible Treatments

Skin Tag Removal

The Next Step

Treatment for Skin Tags and Moles

A certified specialist at the Signature Cosmetic Clinic will diagnose your skin tags and/or moles before developing a customized treatment plan. In most cases, the skin is analyzed and prepared for a scheduled session. Once the consultation is completed, the specialist will set the date for a session use the clinic’s high-grade technology. All treatments at Signature Cosmetic Clinic are performed using diligent sanitary standards.

The treatment will include the use of a local anesthetic to numb the target area(s). This will soothe the skin before it’s exposed to high-frequency radio waves. Please note, all technology used at this clinic including the radio waves is permitted by Health Canada.  Once the skin is numb, the handheld device is used to cool the surface. This enables the bottom layer to be heated using high-frequency radio waves.

If necessary, the specialist will choose a customized procedure to appropriately remove the skin tag or mole. This is at the discretion of the specialist and everything will be done to make the procedure safe, relaxing, and pain-free.


After the treatment, the skin growth is removed and a natural protective scab develops. This scab covers the target area(s). As it fills out, the scab falls off and healthy skin takes overs, leading to a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Patients are asked to set up regular appointments to examine their skin for new growth. If present, a robust treatment plan is initiated to halt the growth’s progress before it becomes a problem. For more information, feel free to ask the leading specialist to see what suits your needs.

This treatment has a methodical recovery phase and will not necessitate downtime. Most patients can head back to their day-to-day routine without missing a beat. If necessary, patients are welcome to remain in touch with the specialist to have their skin analyzed and examined in detail post-procedure.

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